Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is AndroiD ?

AndroiD is an operating system for mobile devices such as mobile telephones and tablet computers developed by Google Inc and the Open Handset Alliance.

Time Line

  • Android initially was developed by Android Inc.
  • Google purchased Android Inc in 2005.
  • Open headset alliance (consist of more than 80 ICT companies) funded and along with Google they unveiled the first version of Android in 2007.
Key Features of Android
  • Android is based on Linux Kernel.
  • Middleware libraries and APIs are written in C.
  • Application software is based on Java compatible libraries.
  • Dalvik VM is used to run Java complied Java codes just in time(JIT compilation)
Developer Community
  • Android has very large community of its "App" (application) developers.
  • These developers extend the functionality of Android with their Apps.
  • They mostly use Java for development.
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