Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Android?

  • Reason 1 : It is the fastest growing mobile operating system according to some market research.

I created the graph showing market research trends for mobile operating systems.Other than Android rest of operating systems are desingined for those company headsets. Data are from en.Wikipedia where those data are taken from Gartner Inc (
Gartner: Android leads, Windows Phone lags in Q1". Gartner, Inc. 2011-05-19. Table 2. /8301-13506_3-20064223-17.html. Retrieved 2011-05-19.). There are 3 clear observations.
  1. After the introduction of android in 2008 and after it got momentum in 2009 , already declining market leader Symbion( Nokia) started to decline in a faster rate and its continuing in the same trend in Q1 in 2011.
  2. Blackberry was growing and in 2009 it started declining when Android gain momentum.
  3. iOS still growing but slower rate than it was before 2009.
Microsoft and Other OS are already loosing it market shere but this treand could be different now as Microsoft now released new version of its mobile operating be continued...

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