Monday, July 30, 2012

Setting Up for Android Devolopment - 2

Step 2 : Installing JDK 6

JDK version 6 needed to run eclipse properly. If Eclipse is 64 bit then JDK has to be 64 bit.

Go to
I go to the link JDK 6 ( highlighted).

This directs to Oracle Java download page.
Now I select Java SE 6 update 33.
Once I click download, I m directed to download page.
 Then I click on highlighted link since it is the 64 bit JDK version 6.
 It is a 59.7 MB file and I download it.
Then I ran the file and the JDK and JRE was installed. Next I started Eclipse to see if it works.
Here we go...

Eclipse asks for a working directory at log on . This location will be used to store projects. I changed it to D:\Android\workspace. Now Eclipse Juno is up and running :).

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