Sunday, July 29, 2012

Setting Up for Android Devolopment -1

Step One : Installing Eclipse

Eclipse IDE can be used to develop Android and it is the most popular. That is where you write your Android code and make it to an Android App. Google recommends Eclipse Classic" version.

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I ll install Eclipse , go to
You will see a page like this.

Then click on link for " Eclipse classic 4.2".  I think I better install 64 bit version since my computer's operating system is 64 bit.

Once  I click on "Windows 64 bit" for the classic version, I m directed to a mirror selection page.I select the first section.
Once I click on big green download sign, I m prompted to select a download location.
It is a large file ( 183MB ). So it will take a while to download.Once downloaded , it is shown as below in Firefox downloads dialog.
Once I open down load folder there is a folder called Eclipse. Once it is opened, there is an Application called " Eclipse"Then  I run it.

Then I extract it. First problem :(

Google d the error. Found the reason could be my JDK installation being 64 bit. So, I m going to do it next. Uninstalling JDK and reinstalling it. says JRE alone is not sufficient I need to install full JDK 6 (64 bit).

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