Friday, August 24, 2012

Running - "Hi Android : My first Android app

 I m using this page to help myself to run " Hi Android" my first app. The tutorial I used is
Please refer it for more detail.

The tutorial says that I will have all required source files available to immediately run the App.
Lets see...

It says , The app can run on,

1. Real mobile device ( a phone , tab )
2. On Android emulator

Let's see the files that are stored in this simple project ( these information are also from above tutorial).

src/ :Directory of Apps main source file.

res/: This folder has sub folders of App's resources.
drawable-hdpi/: Directory for drawable objects designed for high density screens

layout/: files that defines the user interface

values/: Folder for other xml files that contains information such as string and color definitions

AndoridManifest.xml : This file defines the fundamental characteristics of the App and its  components.

It is said following happens when the App is run:

When you build and run the default Android app, the default Activity class starts and loads a layout file that says "Hello World." ".

So I change that text from "Hello World" to "Hi Android" coz my App says "Hi Android".

I need to change it below ( I think).
Now, I next thing is to run the App....
First , running on Eclipse
I just have to press

on the tool bar...
Now , click it..........................................
ERROR... :( as expected....

I m going to investigate more on this and will write it in next post.....

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